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Judy Jernudd Judy Jernudd’s experience in front of television cameras in TV news and as a TV Talk Personality includes interviewing influential celebrities and leaders including Tom Selleck, Tom Cruise, Larry King, Meg Whitman and Coach Phil Jackson and conversations with Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters. She is a professional who knows how to ask the important questions to draw out the best in everyone she interviews.

Her television career taught her the value of research to help her clients tell their stories in their own voice. Judy knows how to draw out your executives or family matriarchs and patriarchs.

Family members often say, “Dad said things about us in his video documentary he’s never said to us in person.”

Your company story or family documentary is told in each person’s own words and will live into infinity for future generations.


IMG_2702Website and Social Media Video helps potential clients and the media find you. Your professional video will keep your existing clients informed about your news and services. The question: What is the best direction for your video? The Startegic|Studios production crew has the answer. Your professionally produced video will showcase you, your expertise and highlight your services or products to present the best you.


Your online presence will help you create brand awareness and build buzz as you project your influence and credibility. Video of you and/or your executive team is the next best to meeting potential clients in-person while providing you a global reach. The right video will help you tell your company story to compel visitors to look, listen and act.


Startegic|Studios is a premier production company based in Los Angeles, CA. With a creative ensemble of professional directors, producers, editors, researchers, cinematographers, broadcast television interviewer, talent and crew we help you and your team look and sound as professional as you are.


IMG_2688With advanced video coaching, preparation and strategy to help you communicate your main messages, engage and influence key decision makers. The Startegic|Studios production team will help you develop an on camera presence. You are interviewed by a professional television interviewer to help you sound natural, project confidence and engage the viewer with your content, likability and credibility.


The Startegic|Studios in-studio talk show or news interview format is the ultimate experience. Or, we will bring our cameras and crew to your site, retreat or event location.


If you are thinking about video, it is time to take action. Call Startegic|Studios and let’s discuss how we will produce your video content and help you “shine” in front of the camera. 310.215.9975

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