Are leadership stars born or developed? The Startegic Transformational Leadership Program answers the question.

Highly progressive Startegic Transformational Leadership Processes help leaders develop the qualities and skills of those who become the stars in organizations. When an executive’s career is accelerating, often the new position requires exceptional abilities including:

  • Leadership style

  • Leadership mindset

  • Inspiring communication skills

  • Stellar speaking skills

  • Executive presence

  • Influential social intelligence

Exclusive high level coaching is the determining factor in a leader’s effectiveness and continued career acceleration.

Examples of executives who benefit from Transformational Leadership include:

  • CFO promotion to CEO

  • Sales team member promoted to sales leader

  • Account team manager promoted to lead account manager

  • Manager transition to director

  • Director promoted to division or regional director

  • Financial analyst transition to business development

  • Promotions to management

Lead with confidence. Communicate with power.
Motivate with passion.

The CEO requirement, for example, would include the skills to communicate successfully with teams, boards, analysts, community business leaders, the media and the ability to project the brand image. Engagement and confidence are essential keys of leadership.

Leaders who lack the qualities of emotional intelligence in today’s business climate are setting themselves up for failure and the loss of clients, staff and rising stars.  Each quality and skill set will determine the leader’s success in a organization.



“A great leader must have exceptional vision
and oratory skills.”

– Winston Churchill  

“What I find so compelling and powerful about your work, Judy, is that you are able to grasp the essence of your client’s improvement areas, and in the moment, customize the coaching/program to get some immediate results.”

– Karen Campbell, The Siegfried Group

Confidence projection and influential social intelligence are the gold standards for success acceleration.

“Our CFO is acting very CEOish!”

– M. Weiss – Chairman of the Board,
Gateways Hospital

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