“Judy knows leadership star quality and she knows how to help you develop it.”

– M. Caruso, ClickFacts.com


The Rising Star Process is an intensive program designed to help individuals with career acceleration. You will learn how to talk, walk, think, dress and project like the rising star you are. The process will help you present the best of yourself for career advancement, promotions, business opportunities or world leadership.


star Develop executive presence
star Project confidence
star Communicate with authority
star Develop personal style
star Create an executive image
star Project professional polish
star Present with persuasion
star Become more influential
star Produce results


The Rising Star Process is helping successful people become more successful…faster! Financial advisors, lawyers, business executives, entrepreneurs and high achievers who want to actualize their potential are the perfect candidates for The Rising Star Process.

“Judy Jernudd has an amazing talent of getting executives to see their strengths and weaknesses as they truly are, to take advantage of the strengths, and to commit to improving the weaknesses that get in the way of achieving the ‘star’ potential that’s in every one of us”

– Business Development Director, BDO Seidman LLP

If this all-encompassing program describes your career objectives, call Startegic’s Program Director today to help you accelerate and make your career goals a reality: 310.215.9975.