GlennKelmanThe Startegic Making a Professional Impact Process is helping successful individuals become more successful by developing professional polish to elevate their position and accelerate their career. This program is for people who want to build skills and master qualities to make a significant impact in their industry.

Startegic will help you make a Professional Impact with the development of:

  • Building rapport skills

  • Speaking skills to communicate with clarity and authority

  • Your internal and external presentation skills

  • Your personal style

  • Confidence projection

  • Social intelligence

  • Performance improvement

The majority of the Startegic Professional Programs are tailored for individual or group coaching.

“In your lifetime, you will meet one or two people with the skill set essential to a high level professional’s success. Judy Jernudd is one of those people. As a result of my work with Judy, I am more confident, engaging, more effective and producing greater results.”

– M. Davis, Merrill Lynch

“Your ability to improve my presentation and communication skills
quickly and effectively is first-rate.”

– Startegic Global Wealth Client

 For more information about The Professional Impact Process or other Startegic Professional Coaching Programs, call Startegic’s Program Director: 310.215.9975