“I couldn’t understand how a visual makeover could make such an impact with peers and my business development. You prepared me to expect results, I just didn’t expect them so soon!”

-Corporate Financial Advisor

Would you like to create sought after status in your field? Do you want to stand out from the competition, or become the go-to-expert for new business development and media positioning?

In the age of personality and social media, talent and skills alone are not all it takes to create your brand reputation. People who differentiate themselves are engaging, approachable, influential and visible. They create and project their personal brand image to attract centers of influence.

Brand Image Success: Meet one of Startegic’s 30 something year old financial advisor clients. A rising star who wanted professional help, not with more practice skills. He wanted to attract an affluent clientele and peer recognition for advancement.

Startegic’s personalized, intensive Personal Brand Image Process helped the rising star:

goldbullion-PERSONAL BRAND IMAGEcheck4 Become more engaging.
check4 Enhance his personal style to project the image of success.
check4 Develop his story, presentation and speaking skills for visibility as an industry expert.
check4 Create a powerful presence when he walked into a room.
check4 Project confidence

“Initially I could not see the direct correlation between a visual clean up (image), and my peer’s and clients’ perception of me, but it has demonstrated that my peers truly are paying attention to both of those and having a polished look will bring me steps closer to my business development goals.”

– I.H. Ravitz, Global Wealth Manager

If now is the time for you to attract a higher level clientele, drive the market to you and build your status, call Startegic’s Program Director for more information: 310.215.9975