What is Executive Presence?

That’s a good question regarding the highly sought after qualities of leadership development.

moreengagingWe can identify leaders who are talented, skilled and professional but something is missing. They never quite reach their potential. Let’s start first by saying up front that Executive Presence is not about draining all of the energy out of the room, the need to be the center of attention, or even being the smartest person in the room.

Executive Presence is the ability to exude connectivity with an audience of 1 or 100,000. Leaders with Executive Presence are present, interested in those around them, can convey emotion and are engaging. They are expert communicators and possess the extraordinary ability to make those in their presence feel comfortable around them. That’s the short answer.

The second question people ask, “Can I learn to achieve it?” Yes! Executive Presence is one of Startegic’s most requested programs as more organizations recognize the value of Executive Presence for their leadership, business development, and career acceleration success.

The Startegic Executive Presence Process is generally reserved for high level executives, rising stars and people within the organization who are in a position of influence with teams,  leadership or affluent clients. Executive Presence is essential to their success.

“This program has a direct benefit to my job responsibilities. It allows you to get immediate feedbackfrom Judy and your colleagues in a safe environment. Incredibly valuable to my career.”

– R. Simitian, Grant Thornton

“Judy moved my confidence and presence to a higher level; I gained increased insight of the impression I make on people.  Judy’s processes prepared me to more effectively communicate and interact in the workplace.”

– M. Pelsman, CEO, Gateways Hospital

“Judy taught me to be more human and add more of ‘me’ to further enhance my Executive Presence. Being able to practice on camera was a tremendously valuable experience. Judy’s expertise and guidance created an ideal environment to transform my Executive Presence.”

– Managing Director, Global Wealth Management Firm

To help you develop Executive Presence and improve your performance, call Startegic’s Program Director for more information: 310.215.9975