The Startegic Professional Development Programs are processes and proven principles of growth qualities to build confidence, develop influence, and project the characteristics of effective leadership. Powerful communication, likability and executive presence with the ability to engage and lead are the genesis of success.

Take a look at our improvement performance programs to enrich your life and create a brighter future for you and your business. Nothing ignites success faster than investing in self-growth for improvement.

“What is leadership? In a word, influence.
Without it, how can leaders communicate, motivate, and cultivate?”

-Judy Jernudd, Startegic Founder


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, is taking his personal and professional improvements seriously. In fact, he’s been on a seven year self-improvement mission. If one of the wealthiest CEOs in the world is on a self-improvement mission, isn’t it clear there is room for all of us to grow?

“In your lifetime, you will meet one or two people with the skill set essential to a high level professional’s success. Judy Jernudd is one of those people. As a result of my work with Judy, I am more confident, engaging, more effective and producing greater results.”

– M. Davis, Merrill Lynch

“Your uncanny ability to reach inside of your students/clients, draw out and deal with those deeply rooted and sometimes personal issues, and remove them as obstacles to effective communication makes your Star shine in a way that others can only aspire to.”

– Managing Partner, Finestone Strategy Partners