“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”

-Mark Twain

The Speaking Skills Process is an exacting set of skills to help you become an influential, organized, engaging and confident communicator to an audience of one, one hundred or one thousand. The ability to present your information with clarity, confidence and emotional connectivity that resonates with your audience will determine the positive results you desire.

The Startegic Speaking Skills Process focuses on your strengths and identifies your areas of improvement to develop and enhance your personal presentation style.

Untitled design (8)You will learn how to:

check4 Prepare your presentation
check4 Organize material
check4 Craft your stories
check4 Gain presentation confidence
check4 Build audience rapport
check4 Create the resonant factor
check4 Handle the tough questions
check4 Formulate effective answers

“Judy Jernudd’s coaching has made a dramatic impact on my public speaking and media skills. In a very encouraging and honest evaluation, Judy’s technique simply turned me into a comfortable speaker in a very short time. I felt understood and Judy enhanced my “voice,” so my own authenticity prevailed.”

-B. Graham, Pres., Previews International, Coldwell Banker

To improve your Speaking Skills and become an influential presenter, contact Startegic’s Program Director for more information: 310.215.9975