The Self-Presentation Process

Albert-EinsteinPeople tend to think of presentation as a formal presentation to a small or large group. True, this is one definition of presentation. One of the most significant aspects of presentation is the value of self-presentation which is essential everyone’s success.

Every time you enter a room, meet a potential client, or introduce yourself at networking event or company function, people are forming either positive or negative impressions. The Startegic Self-Presentation Process will help you look and sound professional, approachable, confident and communicate to form a memorable and effective impression.

Every interaction with staff, colleagues or a prospective client is a presentation that will shape your future. Self-presentation is essential to your career advancement.

With Startegic’s Self-Presentation Process, you will learn how to:

  • Project a professional image

  • Develop rapport building skills

  • Eliminate distracting mannerisms

  • Create a commanding presence

  • Exude confidence

  • Engage and energize


“Your ability to improve my presentation and communication skills quickly and effectively is first rate. I strongly recommend your program to other business leaders; you produce powerful results!”

-M. Pelsman, CEO, Gateways Hospital

“Judy puts the sparkle in everyone’s presentation whether it is projection, power or pause.”

– Financial Investment Advisor, Startegic Client

To become a dynamic and confident presenter, contact Startegic’s Program Director for more information on how we can help you achieve Self-Presentation success: 310.215.9975