Individual and Sales Team Presentations

dollaAt Startegic, we believe the sale starts with “Hello!”

The Individual Sales Presentation Process is designed for people in the position of “rain making.” If your job description includes being in front of people for business development, sales, or persuasive presentations, the Individual Sales Presentation Program will help you develop the qualities needed to produce more sales and business.

You will learn how to:

check4 Prepare and organize your presentations
check4 Discover your natural strengths
check4 Craft your stories
check4 Make a professional impression
check4 Develop listening skills
check4 Personalize the conversation
check4 Build rapport with a variety of personalities
check4 Position a call to action

Startegic Sales Team Presentation Processes teach your sales team how to create team cohesiveness, present with clarity without redundancy, the ability to listen to one another and the client, and build rapport to understand the client’s challenges and win their business. You will learn to become more engaging, while building trust and gaining customer confidence.

Developing a polished and professional sales team with the Startegic Sales Presentation Programs is a proven solution for elevating sales performance.

The principles of The Sales Team Presentation Modules will help you or your sales team:

check4 Prepare as a team
check4 Organize key points
check4 Engage potential clients and customers
check4 Build rapport with a variety of personalities
check4 Craft related stories
check4 Listen to the customer
check4 Ask the right questions
check4 Answer tough questions
check4 Call to action close

Take a look at successful Sales Presentation Client Results, they say it better than we do:


A technology client experienced a setback when they presented in front of about 500 people at their first major national industry conference. Their management team was petrified of presenting in front of a large audience plus being videotaped. They received the lowest rated session of the entire conference!


The VP of Marketing heard Judy speak at the Inc. Magazine conference and retained her to coach his management team.  She worked with the management team individually and collectively on their presentations. The client brought Judy back about thirty days prior to the national conference to reinforce the skills they had learned and make improvements.


“We went from being the lowest-rated session one year to the best-rated the following year. We didn’t change our management team.  The only difference was Judy!”

-Nellcor Puritan Bennett


A healthcare technology client featured an outstanding 16 million dollar product.  Sales team and product demonstrators managed to get in front of potential buyers, but they weren’t making the sale. Through a competitive analysis, the client learned the challenge was with their presenters and the presentation, not the price or the performance of the product .


The client retained Judy Jernudd for a week to work with the sales team, the product demonstrators and marketing team.  Through a series of before and after videotaped exercises, Judy helped them learn how to tell the product “story” and present with team cohesiveness. She taught them how to answer the tough questions and relate to a variety of decision maker personalities.


“We not only made our sale, our team received their first standing ovation! Do you have any idea what this is doing for morale?”


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