Media Training to Position Your Expertise

Questions for you:

  • Picture-for-Media-Traning-Are you, your CEO or spokesperson prepared to step in front of a gaggle of reporters, television cameras and microphones to deliver your story with confidence, clarity and competence?
  • Do you want to improve your brand awareness and image?
  • Is your message “delivery ready” for primetime to deliver your news and to generate positive media coverage and pubic response?
  • Are you and your company positioning your expertise in the media?
  • Do your media appearances generate positive/measureable action?
  • Do you know what it takes to become the “go-to” expert the reporters call for an interview, an opinion or quote?
  • Are you prepared for product and service announcements?
  • Is your crisis communication plan in place to tell your side of the story and the facts?

The Startegic Media Training will prepare you to answer, “Yes!” to these questions and more. Startegic processes are experiential and interactive with seasoned media pros to help you excel in your television, radio, print and social media interviews. Learn how to present your brand image and tell your story. Hands on real-life on-camera exercises help you prepare for your interviews and learn how to handle the unexpected questions.

Media-Training---Judy-on-Fox-NewsStartegic clients have appeared in national media coverage. The difference in Startegic Media Coaching is Judy Jernudd’s proven methods and experience based on a career in television. She didn’t read a book about how to be a media coach, she wrote the reference guide ABCs to Successful TV, Radio, Print and Internet Interviews. Judy is frequently interviewed in the media as an expert in communication and influence. Corporations, government agencies, businesses and organizations benefit from her expertise, processes and methods.


“Media interviews are not the place to merely ‘get it over with’ or ‘barely survive’ when the opportunity for media coverage presents itself. In other words, effective media guests are prepared and coached in how to deliver the story and stay on message.
They don’t ‘wing it.’ And we don’t want you to either.”

– Judy Jernudd, Startegic Media

  • You will learn how to demystify the media, understand the interviewing process, analyze the news value of your story and present your message effectively. You will learn the essential skills of how to present yourself in front of the cameras, microphones and reporters. Plus the essential preparation to stay on message.
  • You will feel more confident and in control in any media situation, from your company announcements, news conferences to crisis communication including ambush interviews.

Media coverage is the fastest and most powerful exposure to convey your message, tell your story and send your news to millions worldwide. Startegic clients appear nationally and locally on television, radio, print and online interviews.

Who benefits from Startegic Media Coaching Methods:

CEOs Politicians Financial Advisors
CFOs Advisors Crisis Experts
Entrepreneurs Engineers Analysts
Leaders Directors Authors
Physicians Managers Speakers
Spokespeople Attorneys Client speaking
before Congress
Athletes Any individual appearing before the camera, reporters and microphones

onair-MEDIA PRESENTATIONMedia Training Premiere Coaching Programs are specifically designed for C-Suite executives and individuals with immediate or pending interviews, small groups, workshops and large group awareness demonstrations. Startegic will work in coordination with your corporate public relations team.

“I thought I was on TV,” our Startegic Media Coaching Method clients tell us. We prepare you to deliver professional and effective interviews that work to your advantage.

What are the responsibilities of a media coach?  The goal is not to change you into a slick, look-alike and sound-alike, programmed media guest. This approach doesn’t work to your advantage. A professional media coach taps into your strongest abilities and helps you eliminate distractions from your answers. You learn how to get your messages across effectively with confidence, control and with a conversational tone to position your expertise and story.