Talk Shows Are Hot!

And not just on television. Companies are stepping into the spotlight with the Talk Show format for amazing:

  • Corporate Events

  • Conferences

  • Client Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Company Retreats

  • Website and Social Media videos

Add your team to Judy’s celebrity conversations including:
Oprah Winfrey ● Regis Philbin ● Meryl Streep ● Tom Selleck ● Larry King ● Tom Cruise

“And now, heeeeere’s the talk show!”
-Fast Company

Your executives will shine like the stars they are when TV talk show personality, Judy Jernudd, interviews the team on stage, at your event or the company Website and Social Media Videos. She turns your meetings into an amazing “buzz-generating” experience in this highly content rich and entertaining format.

Judy’s Talk Show will:

  • Make the “guests” feel comfortable in front of the audience or video cameras

  • Draw your executives out of their usual posture to showcase their “personality”

  • Cast a conversational and compelling tone

  • Keep the event energized, flowing and focused

  • Create a spontaneous audience interaction with an “Oprah” style Q&A session

  • No more canned speeches or predictable meetings. Judy’s Talk Show wins the audience!