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“Judy, outstanding presentation. You were rated in the top 10% of the conference. Your professionalism and dedication to excellence are what made this conference such a successful event.”

– Inc. Magazine

President Bill Clinton, Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Meg Whitman, Magic Johnson and Coach Phil Jackson are a few of the world’s most iconic personalities Judy Jernudd has interviewed or interacted with during her rich career in television news and as a talk show personality. She shares the qualities of help these superstars’ stratospheric successes with her clients and audiences. Judy knows what it takes to “deliver a star performance at work” and she shows your team how to make a professional impact. She is an expert at helping people discover their innate “star qualities” to lead, influence, communicate and improve results.

Judy Jernudd’s Professional Credits

starAn entrepreneur: Founder of Startegic’s Professional Development & Performance, she is the developer of COBE, a growth coaching program for high achievers. She is the creator of Startegic|Studios productions for company and “Corporate Talk Show” events, Website and Social Media video productions

star An experienced Talk Show host & interviewer known for her research to ask the right questions and make your executives “shine” in front of your team or television cameras

star An expert in communications, professional development, personal brand image, sales “personality” presentations and performance improvement

star An experienced Television News Reporter & TV Personality make her exceptional in helping clients achieve extraordinary performance results

star A dynamic and entertaining Keynote Speaker for conferences, conventions & events

star An energizing emcee for meetings and conventions

star The author of Media Star Power: ABCs to Successful TV, Radio, Print and ‘Net Interview

star A media go-to-source on topics including image, influence and personal branding

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