Judy Jernudd, Keynote Speaker

Judy Jernudd delivers a dynamic, energizing, entertaining and educational keynote. Her ability to motivate and inspire leaves a lasting effect on audiences. Her colorful anecdotes and original stories captivate while entertaining and inspiring your audience. Passion, humor, colorful behind-the-scene stories and audience interaction are the key elements of Judy’s customized presentations. She makes your audience the “stars” of the show. She is best described as a charismatic speaker with an audience-energizing style. Your audience will laugh, they will think and leave the event motivated to improve themselves, performance and profits.

Star Power for Star Performance at Work

Audience Takeaways

  • “In our business, solutions are everything and you are only as good as your confidence.  Thank you for reminding me that.”
  • “Commanding presence equals star performance.”
  • “To combine everything you spoke of into one package to be me.”
  • “The importance of self-acceptance reinforced the power of ‘we.’
  • The power of charisma and sparkle!!! I love it.”
  • “Concentrate, communicate & connect!”
  • “Confidence, charisma, presence…great job!”
  • “Self confidence is a good thing.”
  • “Listening; Live in the moment; Communication.”
  • “Energy, charisma, rest, balance.
  • “Smile, eyes, listen.”
  • “Listen more – I needed to really be reminded.”
  • “Judy’s natural ability works with laser-like intuitive capabilities to assist in refining the needs, skills and talents of her clients.”