• Interruptions
  • Stress, personal and professional
  • Time challenges
  • Personal frustrations
  • Energy burning activities
  • Draining relationships and time consuming clients
  • Managing staff and projects
  • Missed big opportunities

These might sound like distractions you need less of in your life, a common thread among entrepreneurs. Growing and expanding entrepreneurs face additional challenges with increasing responsibilities and greater successes.

You are successful and yet, like many of the clients we coach, you are not satisfied with your financial security, your personal fulfillment, well-being and the quality of your work and life model. There is more you want to experience and achieve including:

  • High level clients and customers
  • Business growth
  • Personal time
  • More income to secure your financial future
  • Quality relationships with your family, friends and business associates
  • Income to secure your financial future
  • Experiences and adventures

Unfortunately, the majority of entrepreneurs limit themselves by attempting to do a little bit of everything and often feel overwhelmed. The COBE growth program helps entrepreneurs focus on the major contributions they do best to actualize their bigger vision.

If you are like the majority of the COBE clients we coach, you want to spend less time managing all the components of your business and generate more time for innovation, multiple revenue streams and more personal enjoyment. You want to eliminate the “working-harder-longer-hours” mode and everything that delays your progress.

Bill Gates brought clarity to entrepreneurial success when a reporter asked how he manages to head Microsoft as Founder and Technology Advisor, lead one of the world’s most philanthropic foundations and honor his roles as a father and husband. “I don’t mow lawns,” he responded.

Entrepreneurs who follow the wisdom of Bill Gates produce extraordinary results.


COBE focuses on you. Your connectivity, your well-being and living your “someday” vision now. We work with highly-charged individuals to embrace the “whole” of who they are with strategic processes and methods to achieve fulfillment, personally and professionally.

Envision what your world would feel like if over the next 365 days, you could experience 4 days for yourself to concentrate on what you really want to achieve and how you are going to accomplish it. One day each quarter with high achievers, like yourself, to focus on thinking and designing your present to actualize your future.

Think of how you could experience revitalized energy, more personal time and the freedom to work on the aspects of your business that excite you most. Consider the value you will bring to yourself, your business, your team and your family by committing one day each quarter to develop your plans and goals while simplifying your life and producing profitable results.

For lifestyle creating and business growth, contact the COBE team to ask about qualifications and registration for the Entrepreneurial Growth Program: 310.215.9975

The brightest and most successful leaders
keep learning, improving and growing
to maximize their impact

COBE Client Comments:

Helped me focus better, especially about future goals.

Reinforced deficiencies and what I need to do to improve business.

Need to be constantly changing.

Helped me think more about the next steps and not let this sit on a shelf.

Good to hear the same/similar challenges within the group.

Helped me look at the benefits as to why I’m doing things and to look at things in different ways. This was presented very well.

This is coming at the right time for me and what I want to move forward with. Good group/collaboration.