“I Didn’t Expect to See Results So Soon!”

CHALLENGE: Executive Enhancement

A “Rising Star” financial advisor wanted to achieve greater successes—quickly. His goals were to attract larger clients, become the “sought after” advisor and become more influential. He retained Startegic to help make his goals a reality.


Startegic designed a personal branding image to focus on his personality, develop a commanding presence and an affluent image. We helped him position his expertise and throughout the process project confidence and professionalism.


“I’ve implemented your Executive Enhancements tailored to my needs and strengths. I couldn’t understand how a visual makeover could make such an impact with peers and my business development. You prepared me to expect results, I just didn’t expect them so soon!”

“Our Team Received Their First Standing Ovation!”

CHALLENGE: Making the Sale

A healthcare technology client features an outstanding 16 million dollar technology healthcare product. The sales team and the product demonstrators managed to get in front of potential buyers, but they weren’t making the sale. Through a competitive analysis, the client learned the challenge wasn’t the price of the technology or the service, it was with their presenters and the presentations themselves.


The client retained Judy Jernudd for one week to work with the sales team, the product demonstrators and marketing team.  Through a series of before and after videotaped exercises, Judy helped them learn how to tell the product “story” and present with team cohesiveness. She taught them how to answer the tough questions and relate to a variety of decision makers and personalities.


“We not only made our sale, our team received their first standing ovation! Do you have any idea what this is doing for morale?” 

“The Only Difference Was Judy”

CHALLENGE: Presentation Confidence

A technology client experienced a setback when they presented in front of about 500 people at their first major national industry conference. Their management team was petrified of presenting in front of a large audience plus being videotaped. They received the lowest rated session of the entire conference!


The VP of Marketing heard Judy speak at the Inc. Magazine conference and retained her to coach his management team.  She worked with the management team individually and collectively on their presentations. The client brought Judy back about thirty days prior to the national conference to reinforce the skills they had learned and make improvements.


Client feedback: “We went from being the lowest-rated session one year to the best-rated the following year. We didn’t change our management team.  The only difference was Judy!”

“You Made My Quarter!”

CHALLENGE: Not Closing

Financial analyst was hired to become a global wealth manager. He experienced problems adjusting to his new role. His numbers were disappointing and he was not meeting expectations.


His firm retained Judy Jernudd to help the global wealth manager with internal communication, how to relate to personalities different from his own, improve small group presentations, executive enhancement and a “rainmaking” mindset.


Within four months of completing the Judy Jernudd Startegic Exectuive Program, the wealth manager started bringing in new business to his firm. He called to thank us for the results he was producing. Judy’s response, “You made my day”, he said, “No, you  made my quarter!”

The Jernudd Save

CHALLENGE: Abrasive Personality

Our client faced a problem with a brilliant but unlikable senior level executive who was in jeopardy of losing his job. Everyone was complaining: colleagues, staff and then clients started to complain, the firm took action. Due to his unique skills, the company would need to spend approximately $500,000 to replace him. They wanted to retain the executive but could not tolerate the complaints, the poor morale he created combined with the time and money spent running interference internally and externally.


Startegic introduced him to The Likability Advantage, which he absorbed like a sponge. After interviewing him to assess his relationship and people skills, we worked on a series of self-awareness building exercises. We videotaped his body language and taught him how to relate to personalities different from his own. We presented skills to help him positively influence behavior in others and worked on his relationship management. Although brilliant and accomplished, he had been unaware of how his abrasive personality was affecting others and jeopardizing his success. He was given direction, coaching, guidance and feedback – and he embraced the changes.


The once abrasive executive kept his position in the company and was later promoted to a substantial partnership position. Client feedback: “We call it the Jernudd save!”

The Leadership Transformation

CHALLENGE: Leadership Style

Healthcare client promoted their CFO to CEO, but the leadership position presented a number of challenges for the executive. People skills, image, communication and motivation were the main obstacles. We were asked to help the transition by transforming this individual into a CEO.


We introduced the new CEO to the Rising Star Process.  We designed a specific program to focus on strengths and enhance the areas in need of improvement. We began with the self-awareness exercises with emphasis on body language and the ability to read other people’s non-verbal messages. Through videotaped exercises we helped the executive develop leadership style and a commanding presence. We taught the CEO how to communicate powerfully with the board of directors, staff, deliver winning presentations and media interviews.


We knew the challenge was accomplished when the chairman of the board proudly announced, “Our CFO is acting quite CEOish!”

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